Themed Hotels in Taipei: Review

Taipei operates a little differently from cities you might be used to. This is a cultural melting pot, a city that runs at a frantic pace, and one that caters for many tastes, many nationalities and many ethnicities. One of the ways in which Taipei differs from the big cities you might be used to, is in the accommodation that it offers. As well as the standard 3, 4 and 5 star rooms and suites, offering a home from home, there are also themed hotels which promise to escort you and your partner to a fantasy land.

These hotels are typically called “love hotels”, aimed at couples, young and old, seeking to inject some sparkle into their love life, giving them a safe and relaxing place where they can fulfill their fantasies. These hotels are not seedy, nor do they operate underground or on the fringes of the law. They are very popular here in Taiwan and across Japan and other Eastern countries. They are clean, professional and often 5-star establishments, and if you’re passing through this great city, then you should definitely check them out.

Some of the best themed hotels in Taipei have been listed below, but bear in mind that this is only a small selection and there are many more out there.

Eden Hotel

This is one of the most unique love hotels in Taiwan, focusing on couples young and old that want to connect in a special way. Many of these hotels are geared towards common fetishes, and although Eden Hotel does cater for such desires, it also delivers an extra dimension, which rooms such as the Batman themed room. As you would expect, this room is fitted-out like a Bat Cave. There is nothing sexual about this room and if not for the hotel in which it was located, it could make for a great room to take your superhero obsessed son or daughter.

This room actually helped Eden Hotel to go global recently, as many websites ran an article on this particular room that quickly went viral. It was even covered by many big newspapers and magazines, including the British tabloid The Daily Mail, who published a piece on Eden Hotel and their Batman room on their Mail Online website. The room can be rented for just a few hours at a time, which should give you a hint as to the purpose of this room and this hotel on the whole. Rest assured that this is a very clean hotel though and one that is cleaned and fitted with new sheets and refreshed amenities for all new guests, regardless of how many of them hire this room on a daily basis.

These rooms can also be rented out for a night or for longer, with reasonable prices. You do pay a premium when compared to some other hotels, but considering the level of detail and luxury that goes into each of the Eden Hotel rooms, it is definitely worth it. If Batman is not your thing, then one of the other 45 rooms in this hotel is sure to please. These include the Prison room, where you can live-out your fantasies of getting frisky behind bars, and the Egyptian room, which will escort you back to the time of Cleopatra.

If you have your eye on a particular room, then you should call ahead and try to book in advance. With all of the attention that some of these rooms have stirred up (and we’re thinking about the Batman themed room again) there is a good chance that you will struggle to get the room you want at short notice. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, then head to, where you can find more details on all of the rooms that Eden Hotel have available.

ISIS Taipei

Located in the Jhongshan District, this is a boutique hotel with a wide choice of themed rooms available. Although it looks fairly bland and generic on the outside, the ISIS is anything but, and once you step inside it’s like crossing into a different world. There are many themed rooms available, along with some expansive suites that offer the finest in Taiwanese luxury and hospitality. All of the rooms in this hotel come with private en-suite bathrooms, and some of them have really pushed the boat out, with spa baths, Jacuzzis, steam rooms and everything else you need to make the night extra special for you and your partner.

This hotel is popular with families as well as couples, and the rooms are more than big enough to cater for several children, with extra beds available in many of them. The hotel is also in a prime location, within walking distance of many top locations in the city, reminding you that as fun as the room itself is, there is so much more to explore and experience.

As far as some of the themes go, you will not find a Batman room at the ISIS Taipei, at least not yet anyway. That might change in the future if it turns out that Eden Hotel have kickstarted a trend that their competitors are eager to follow, but in the meantime you can still enjoy everything from Egyptian themed rooms to Spanish themed rooms and much more. Which room you choose depends on a number of things, from your budget to your tastes, your needs and the amount of people staying in the room with you.

City Inn Hotel

As one of the highest rated theme hotels in the country, and one of the highest rated hotels in general, the accommodation and the service at the City Inn Hotel is nothing short of exceptional. You don’t just have to take our word for it either, as one look on will show you just how well regarded this hotel is, with thousands of travelers from all over the world passing through its doors every year and enjoying every minute of their experience.

It may look unassuming from the outside, but there is a Tardis awaiting inside, with plenty of luxury rooms designed in a variety of styles to suit many different tastes. The rooms are very big, and there are also suites for those who seek something even bigger. The location is also top notch, as the City Inn is within walking distance of close to a dozen stores, including convenience stores and supermarkets, and there is also a main train line just a stone’s throw away. The City Inn may not be as cosy as the other hotels on this list, but if you want something minimalistic, clean and with exceptional service, then you can’t go wrong here. The City Inn is the perfect base for anyone seeking to experience everything that Taiwan, and the city of Taipei, has to offer.

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