Things to do on your visit in Taipei

  1. Get some type of massage. We recommend Chinese foot massages and guasha at top-ranked villa Foot Massage in Taipei that has several locations. A foot massage is a great way to soothe the whole body as there are many energy points throughout the body that begin in the feet. By soaking your feet in warm water and having these acupressure points stimulated the body’s energy is readjusted to flow more smoothly. Of course, your feet will also feel great when having this kind of massage, as will the legs and calves. Alternatively, you could get a full body massage for a bit more that incorporates both the legs and upper body, especially if you have a sore waist, back or stuffiness from a long flight.
  2. Another great way to spread energy in the body is through Gua Sha. While this process might seem more terrifying than it looks, the results are amazing for helping the body recover from jet lag, colds and overall lack of energy. Make sure to do it at the massage place mentioned in point number 1 as they add oil and do it in a relaxed way whereas Chinese doctors who have patients waiting go fast and hard.
  3. Go to 101. It’s cliché but what is most exciting about 101 other than the view is the massive ball hanging inside that keeps the building from collapsing and swaying too much due to high winds from typhoons. Also, coming out of the main observation area is a great museum and art gallery featuring beautiful glass vase and jade sculptures in addition to a variety of coral art, ear rings and many other jewelry that is worth seeing despite the expensive price tags.
  4. Have hot pot. Ever try dipping different meats and vegetables into hot soup and then eat them dipped in your choice of sauce along with a cooling drink and ice cream to top it all off? If not, try one of the many hot pot places in Taipei. We recommend the chain store MaLa.
  5. Go to KTV. This is one of if not the most important things to do for Taiwanese on the weekends and is a great way to socialize with clients and friends. Regardless of whether you can sing it is still fun and you can spend the night drinking and chatting while others with more confidence sing out of tune to popular Chinese and English songs.
  6. Take some Qigong classes. Looking to boost your health and experience with a more calming experience? Learn some Qigong or Taiji from one of the many ongoing classes at various health and wellness centers in Taipei.
  7. Rent a scooter and go through the mountains. There are an assortment of great mountains and rivers to explore just outside of the city where you can go hiking and bathe in natural hot springs. Getting to these can be time consuming and even costly without your own transport, so getting a scooter is one of your best bets.
  8. Get a scuba license. The cost of getting registered through one-on-one English training over the course of 2-3 days is US$400, much cheaper than other countries.
  9. Learn to surf. Go down to Yilan, about an hour southeast of Taipei and rent a surfboard for US$15 for all day. The price includes lessons and a guide to help you get up your first time.
  10. Drink some tea. Go to a teahouse or a local tea dealer and drink some of Taiwan’s freshest tea picked from farms surrounding Taipei.
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