Throw the dice and choose your ride in Taipei

Do you want to try something different in the metropolis? The “I’m traveling” studio will hold the “iron horse monopoly” event in Taipei on September 4th. The game will use draw to choose the traveling companions. And the team member will have to take the Ubike to complete designated missions by throwing the dice.

“I use to think there are not many opportunities in Taipei to meet new friends. The city Taipei always give a sense of distance.” The college student K shares his experience in the event trial period. Even though there are many fun activities in many attractions in Taipei, due to the busy work and school schedules, people tend to build their own comfort zone to live. Therefore, it is common to lack the opportunity to discover the city and get to know more friends.

K says “After I have participated in this activity, I have changed my perspective in Taipei. Our group’s task is to hug three strangers. At the beginning, all of team members of mine are super shy. Everyone is wondering will stranger even want to hug with us? In fact, after we started to invite people on the street, many people have generously give us their warm hugs.”

K says super excited that even though they took the initiative to invite strangers because it is required by the task. He thinks he will continue practice such warm activity in real life after getting back to his own life. Next time, if it’s the stranger who invited him. He will definitely give him a huge hug.

A member from another team has also mentioned that when they were trying to complete the tasks of “learning three different languages from foreigners” on Yongkang street. They were amazed by how open minded the foreign friends are to them, since they didn’t know them. They have even shared their life stories in Taiwan with them.

“I’m traveling” studio says, the “Iron horse monopoly” is different than common tourists group, where they are trying to catch up with schedule. The “iron horse monopoly” will not let participants go to the crowded attractions. Instead, they want the participants to learn to discover the city in different perspectives. The participants will gather at the no.1 exit of the Yuanshan metro station on September 4th. The activity will start from 2 o’clock in the afternoon and till the 7 o’clock in the evening

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