The trip of time traveling, the community culture tour in Taizhong starts

The “in-depth community culture tour in Taichung” last year are speaking highly by tourists last year. So, this year, “Meet in 2016, the trip of time traveling” will launch in September. The online registration starts from today. This event has 6 routes, including Taiping, Dajia, Shalu, Waipu, Fengyuan and Houli district. The event has 12 groups to lead tourists to understand the local culture and custom, making wine, eating the sun cake that does not leave bread crumbs, and others. The second group in Houli district has even offered English guide to invite foreign friends to immerse into the local culture.

The theme of this year’s in-depth community culture tour is “Meet in 2016, the trip of time traveling”. The Culture Bureau of Taizhong city government says the in-depth community culture tour connects culture, history, eco-environment, industry and others. So the participants can experience the local culture and understand the development trajectory through sightseeing, tasting the featured foods and others. The six routes are the selected plans from the a large of proposals. Among them, the “Taipingtou Biankeng in-depth culture tour”, Waipu “The Chapter of in-depth tour, getting drunk in the Hujiao Village with the wine”, Dajia “New tour at the old town in Dajia”, which are popular tours last year, are selected again this year.

The route in Taiping is hosted by the Shuiyuandi Culture and Education Foundation. It arranges tours in Taiping Old Village Culture Relics Museum, Fushi Garden Eco Education Park, Bat Cave Eco Education tour, tasting feature local meal, and experience DIY blue dyeing and bat meat dumpling. The Dajia route is hosted by the Development Association of Chaoyang Community, leading the tourists to walk through the whole old city in Dajia. The tour is led by professional guide to explain the four gates of Dajia, the temple of the Goddess Matsu, Cultural Museum of Zheng Chenggong, Meijing Chuanfang House and Museum. You can also see the traditional instruments performance and eat local toasted bread with dragon eye tea.

The other three routes include Shalu’s “tour in the time corridor to search for the residence hall”, Fengyuan’s “enjoy the riverside, see the lacquerware and eat the pie – walking and reading the culture of Fengyuan Huludun”, Houli’s “Thinking the old time, encountering Taian in romance”. Those are all new routes. The Cultural Bureau says the hosts of route in Houli is the Development Association of Taian Community. The President of the association Li Qifang has lived in French for many years. He will lead the whole English tour for the second group and share the beauty of his hometown with the foreign friends. This will also warm up for the upcoming Flower Expo in 2018, which will be hosted in Taizhong.

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