Top Destinations in Guilin, China Not to Miss

For a thousand of years, the mountain and water in Guilin have been the themes for many writers and painters. They have attracted many tourists. In such a passionate July, let’s come to Guilin and have the unplanned trip. It has been already become many tourists’ bucket list so long. Let’s see, where exactly in Guilin that people should go visit.

Li River

Li River Scenic Area is the world’s largest scenic landscape of the most beautiful karst area. It is called “Hundred miles Li River, thousand miles of gallery”. Li River has different views in different weather. In the sunny day, you can see the reflection of the green mountain, in the cloudy day, you can walk in the fogs. In the rainy day, you can see the rain and the fogs above the river. Even the rainy days, you can see the mountain sometime from the fogs. The clouds travel between the mountains. It looks like the paint that with a variety of the positions.

Ticket price: 350 yaun

Address: Linshan County, Guilin

Yinzi Rock

Yinzi Rock is located in the Lipu County, Guillin, which belongs to the typical karst. The cave went through 12 mountains, gathering the stalactites from different times. They are clear and white that looks like the poured from galaxy and shine like silver. That’s why they call it “Yinzi Rock”.

Ticket price: 80 yuan (70 yuan if purchase online)

Address: 321 National Road, East side of Lizhi Road, Maling, Lipu County, Guizhou


“Paradis” is located near the Baisha county, Yangshuo. There is lotus pond, Yanzi Lake, Yanzi Cave, Tongxiang style and ancient tribes. If it is the season “rain that wet your clothes, the wind is not cold”. When you walk into the Paradis, you will see the beautiful scenery of the village and field in front of your eyes. Looking around, the mountain is in the distant, the smoke is coming from the village, the road is intersected with each other in the village. It seems like the picture that Tao Yuanming described “the flower smells good and looks pretty, they are falling off the trees.”

Ticket price: 70 yuan (56 yuan if you purchase from the internet)

Address: Wulidian, Baisha County, Yangshuo, Guiyang

Butterfly Spring

Butterfly Spring is a tourism attraction that has mountain, water, caves and field. It is located in the essential part of the “hundred-mile gallery” in the Moon Mountain Scenic Area of Yangshu, Guilin. It is known that “if you don’t go to the top of the Butterfly Mountain, you don’t know the views in Yangshuo”. Butterfly Spring is the biggest garden in China to observe the live butterflies. There are thousands of butterflies that live with human in harmony. Butterfly Spring is also the best location to see the Yulong dragon and Yangjiao Mountain and others in the Yangshuo – “Shangrila”.

Ticket price: 60 yuan (50 yuan if you purchase from the internet)

Address: Shili Galary, Yangshuo County, Guilin

Xiangshan Park

The name comes because the shape of the mountain looks like elephant that is drinking water. It is shortened to Xiangshan (elephant mountain). It is the representative of the Guilin’s view and the city of Guilin. Many products originated from Guilin even Guangxi are using Xiangshan as marks. The passed away national leaders Yang Shanggun said: “Only if you take picture in front of Xiangshan, that means you have been to Guilin. Here is the unique view.”

Ticket price: 70 yuan (60 yuan if you purchase from the internet)

Address: No. 1 Binjiang Road, Xiangshan District, Guilin

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