Tourist Hotspots in Taipei, Taiwan

In year 2014, Taiwan received around 10 million International tourists, and the vast majority of these headed for Taipei, which is quickly becoming one of the most popular city break destinations in the world. It is already more popular than Shanghai, Vienna and even Tokyo, which would come as a surprise to many. The majority of these tourists are from China, Japan and across the East, but the United States are also sending an increasing number of tourists to the city.

So what is it that is making Taipei so popular? What is it that is attracting the hordes of tourists from around the world and turning this young and exciting city into a hotspot?

Shilin Night Market

Taipei is famous for its night markets. These markets are open during the evening and night-time hours, and as well as selling an array of local goods, there is also plenty of food and drink to sample. The Shilin Night Market is the biggest such market in the city and is famous across the east. This is a historic market and it is littered with some great stalls and places to eat, with some famous staples including fried chicken steak, fried buns, oyster omelets, tempura and peanut candy.

This market is a must for tourists visiting the area, so be sure to head along if you’re nearby. Don’t feel that you need to purchase anything either, as most people go for the experience and to absorb some local culture.

Taipei 101

This is perhaps the most famous building in Taipei and the tourist destination that attracts the most visitors. The Taipei 101 used to be the biggest building in the world and remains as one of the biggest. It is located in the business district and there is plenty to see and do within and without the building, including a number of events and festivals run throughout the year.

Taipei Zoo

Founded over one hundred years ago this is one of the largest zoological gardens for miles around, with thousands of animals, a children’s zoo, aviary, penguin habitat, reptile house and a panda exhibit. This zoo is referred to as the Muzha Zoo locally, and is located in the Wenshan District of the city. This isn’t exactly a hotspot for tourists, but there are easy links to the district and directly to the zoo using the Metro.

228 Peace Memorial Park

This is a beautiful memorial park, honoring the memory of 228 victims of an incident known as the 228 Incident. There is over 70,000 square feet of area, including some of the best natural beauty in the city, as well as a number of exercise areas. There are actually many gardens and parks located in the city of Taipei, but this is one of the most popular.

National Taiwan Museum

There are scores of museums across Taipei, with everything from art to history to explore. The National Taiwan Museum is one of the most visited of these museums and it is also the oldest of all museums in Taipei.

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