Treasure hunt activities taking off in Taipei

The first “2016 North Coast Art Festive” has launched 6 treasure hunt routes for 3 themes. In the 6 major areas along the seaside in Xinbei City, it has set up 20 new landmarks for traveling. Flowing the art works, you can experience the stunning view of the North Coast that is completely different from you would see before. It enables tourists to discover the unique culture and customs in the daily life.

Accompanied with transportation guide, the tourists’ brochure follows three themed traveling routes “energized tour in Bali, Danshui”, “romantic tour in Sanzhi and Shimen”, “slow tour in Jinshan and Wanli”. You can call you friends and have self-guided tour in the north coast area.

Come to Danshui Bali, filled with the historical rhyme, by public transportation. You can discover this energized city following its trait of history. You can taste the local food on the old street, searching for the art works in the corner of the street and on the way to the park. The Sanzhi Shimen that owns the most specular view of the mountain and sea in the northernmost part of Taiwan. The view of the autumn, the group of windmills dancing with the wind by the side of elementary school, the forest of bamboo, which are 50 meters from the sea. If you continue walking, you can get to the Jinshan Wanli. Getting away from the noise in the city, and listen to the sound of nature.

The “Map of the Art Guide” of the North Coast can be downloaded immediately at the official website. You can carry it with you to anywhere. If you are the kind of person who likes to plan freely and travel to any place. After you have download the map, you can choose the most appropriate transportation, mark the ID number of your favorite art work, visit the featured view points of the community, freely arrange the items you want on your to-do list in terms of food, drink, fun and play. You can even share your private attraction and secret path to the ocean of flowers. You can then connect them to your traveling route that belongs to your own art tour in the North Coast. Self-guided art treasure hunt has a few simple steps, everyone can be artistic.

“2016 North Coast Art Festive” is focused on landmark and life. Starting today to 30th, during the exhibition time, the SPOT APP can be downloaded on the phone. Combining with the mobile device iBeacon, it can receive static and dynamic navigation information. You can watch the creative ideas of the artistic and their inspiration, starting a self-guided North Coast tour. By completing treasure hunt route, you have the opportunity to win the big reward by connecting the postage. The “Map of the Art Guide” and more details about the North Coast Art Tour can be find on the official website or check on the Facebook page of “2016 North Coast Art Festive”.

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