Trendy food in Taichung for less than HK $150 (20 USD)

Don’t know what to eat when you’re traveling in Taichung? Here will recommend 4 places to go in Taichung, where have great environment, featured food with less than HK $150. You can “check in” on social media with photo taking while waiting for the food.

  1. National Taichung Theater – best place for “check in” (HK$ 150 per person)

Designed by the international architecture master Toyo Ito, National Taichung Theater has quickly became new landmark in Taichung since its opening last September. The theater even hired popular creative group “VVG” to provide one stop plan for food, shopping and play. The VVG Food Play on the fifth floor uses to promote with its buffet. Now, they have improved their menu and added local food such as Puli mushroom, Fangyuan pork, fresh shrimp from Qiaoxi and others (market price between Hk $95 – 145), showing respect to the local food in Taiwan. The top floor of the theater has been made into bar, where one side you can enjoy the borderless city view, on the other side you can enjoy dozens of beers from Taiwan and USA.

National Taichung Theater VVG Food Play

Address: 5th floor, No. 101, Section 2, Huila Road, Xitun District, Taichung City

Tel: +886(0)4-2258-7682 ext 503

Opening hour: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, 6 pm to 9 pm


  1. Dessert store trendy on Instagram, ice cream made from local food

Hidden in a corner of the city, the ice cream store “I’m Talato” has becoming hot on Instagram since last year. It is amazing how many people are there every day. The huge 4 square meters “Ice cream pool” is filled with ice cream and donut machine. Guests are welcome to jump into the pool and take picture. Do you think ice cream is the only attractive products in this store? The surprise is the homemade Italian ice cream is amazing, too. The material used came from the farm in Taiwan, such as the organic rose in Grand Blossom Grange in Pingdong, red banna grew naturally in Fengyuan, top ten rice in Taiwan, which are all best choice among Taiwanese people.

I’m Talato

Address: No. 451 Yingcai Road, Xi District, Taichung, Taipei

Tel: +886(0)4-2305-8908

Opening hour: 11:30 – 8:30 pm


Transportation: Take taxi from the Taichung train station, about 20 minutes

  1. Creative Taiwanese Hamburg, fried bun stuffed with ice cream

If you visit Taiwan a lot, you must be familiar with fried bun the “Taiwanese Hamburg”. A creative team has transformed the traditional snacks completely. I was doomed when I saw the featured fried bun I ordered is stuffed with fried noodle instead. “The food preference is different all over Taiwan. For breakfast, South Taiwanese prefer beef soup, Taipei people likes soybean milk and Shaobing, the middle part of Taiwan like to eat fried noodle with sweet spicy source from Dongquan, which makes it very authentic.” That’s why the owner combined the fried bun with fried noodle and created the unique “Taichung fried bun”. Besides the salty flavor, the owner also tried to fry the dumpling to make it crispy. Along with the homemade ice cream brick, the fried bun turns into the new generation of dessert.

Shengqiao Fried Bun

Address: Building 1, No. 26 Zhongshan Rd, Taichung

Tel: +886(0)9-0340-2778

Time: Monday to Sunday from 12 in the noon till sold

FB: Shengqiao Fried Bun

Transportation: 10-minute walk from Taichung railway station

  1. Little garden restaurant, authentic cuisine from North Thailand (HK$150 per person)

The North Thailand Restaurant “Thai J” is recommended due to its great environment. The restaurant is based on the trendy café in North Thailand, the green plants are placed from inside out. With the large amount of crystal chandeliers, bright colored animal frescoes and chairs makes you feel like you are sited in a little garden in Chiang Mai. You will feel super relaxed. Some people even make a special appointment to shot weeding photos here. What’s more, the food is full of surprise too. The curry fried spring rolls, and the pork salad are authentic with a large amount of spices. The food tastes authentic and spicy. You can also order Thai styled milk tea. You will get the feeling in Chiang Mai.

Thai J

Address: No. 533 Dadun Rd, Nantun District, Taichung

Tel: +886(0)4-2320-3597

Opening hour: 11 am to 10 pm

FB: Thai J

Transportation: 25 minutes’ drive from Taichung railway station

[Accommodation recommendation] newly renovated Blue-Sky Hotel with modern design

The Blue-sky hotel used to be the political and financial center, celebrities such as Fong Fei-Fei and Lin Ching-Hsia, who performed in the Dance Hall nearby, all stayed in this hotel. The hotel current owner Guo Yi-Shu bought the hotel in 2014 and try to bring the old time back. The “Escape stair” used for celebrities to hide away their fans are kept in some of the guest rooms. It is interesting.

1969 Blue-Sky Hotel

Address: No. 38 Shifu Road, Zhong District, Taichung

Tel: +886(0) 4-2223-0577

Price: double-bed rooms starts at HK$ 625 per night during the weekday


Transportation: 5-minute drive or 10-minute walk


Using “Easy card” in Taichung, you can take buses inside the city, free within the 10 km up to Taiwanese $60.


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