Free shuttle buses for traveling into the tribes in Hualian

You no longer need to worry about there is no channel for in-depth traveling. The 6 east coasts in Hualian has connected together this time, launching 13 in-depth trip plans. Yesterday, Hualian county government even offer the free shuttle buses plan to make the trip plans more attractive. One or two person will be sufficient to start the trip; the shuttle bus will start anytime. By doing so, the transportation will no longer be the obstacle to visit Hualian.

Supported by the Council of Indigenous People, Hualian county government organized the tribe palafang bus – “shuttle bus from the tribes in east coast”. Yesterday, it hosts the launching ceremony. In the future, it will connect the tourism industry chain through five highlights tribe inn, tribe bus, traveling in tribe, tribe talents and tourism industry. Visitors can easily select the in-depth traveling plan on the internet. Once the group is formed, they can take the free shuttle bus in front of the tourist service center, located in the Hualian railway station.

The deputy magistrate of Hualian county, Cai Yunhuang announced to the tourists, the Hualian East Coast Shuttle Bus will take into use officially. The bus has professional tribe guide, leading the tourists from Shuilian in the North, and the 6 biggest indigenous tribes in the Jinpu of the south. The tourists can experience the 13 authentic and original tribe ecological tour. In order to compensate of the disadvantage of the Hualian’s transportation, the county takes the initiative, driving the shuttle buses into the tribes.

The tour is designed by local residents. It offers the most authentic experience of the in-depth tour. The acting chief administrative office of the aborigines, Chen Jiansun says according to the 2014 domestic traveling research conducted by the Tourism Bureau that the reasons among why people chose the traveling package offered by the traveling agents, 41% is because they do not need to drive by themselves. However, without convenient public transportation affects the tourist industry the most. After the launching of tribe palafang shuttle buses, it solves the problem directly. Therefore, the willingness to travel will be increased largely.

The 6 large tribes and all around the east coast area. The tribe palafang bus can take the tourists to 6 tribes. There are 13 tours, from Shuilian, Jiqi, Xinshe, Fuxing, harbor and to the tribe in Jingpu. There are different themes, such as forest, river, farming, traditional crafts and others. Starting today, you can sign up the tours on the internet. Once the group is formed, there will be free shuttle buses to take.

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