Halloween “trick”- Taipei hotels invite guests to have eat and drink

October 31st is Halloween, which is the western “guest” festival. In Europe, it is known as the day where the underworld is most close to our world. However, affected by the American culture, this traditional Christian feast has become a joyful festival. People have fun by tricking or scaring others. This day has become a fun festival.

In Taiwan, “There is a holiday, there is a promotion” has become an unchangeable rule in retail industry. In order to grab the business opportunity in Halloween, this year, including Taipei San Want Hotel, Palais de Chine Hotel, Regent Taipei, Miramar Hotel Hsinchu and other sightseeing hotels, and Gaoxiong E-DA theme park, Leofoo Village Theme Park, all offered “Tricking” events based on the theme of Halloween. They invite the consumers to participate as they like to enjoy a joyfull Halloween.

The Taipei San Want Hotel (Queenalice restaurant) will host the “Dress up” Voting Event for the kids earlier on the night of October 29th. The restaurant will use the neon light to create a mysterious atmosphere. The buffet counter will have a variety of creative cuisine designed by the chef. For example, the “Grimace Pizza” made from tomato sauce and black olives, “Magic fish ball” made from fresh fish and kelp. In the cake counter, there are cakes of different shapes, “Ghost cotton candy”, “Ghost finger cookies”, green tea flavored “Gift from the green bat” and others. A variety of delicious food in different shapes is waiting for the “brave” guests to enjoy.

Beside the varied food, the kids that has dressed up for Halloween can join the voting for the best outfit. The top 3 kids can get the buffet voucher in the Queenalice restaurant. The price during the holiday stays the same as usual. The price each night for the dinner is NT 980+10% for adult and 500+19% for kid (110 – 140 meters, including 140 meters)

The Yunxuan restaurant at Palais de Chine Hotel has excellent activities on each year’s Halloween and they have successful because hot topic by “scaring” people. This year, during October 21st to October 31st, they have launched “Alice’s tour in Halloween”, featuring the story of Alice in the Wonderland and the ghostly atmosphere in Halloween. The series of events include Poker PK Game of the Queen Heart, Halloween scene photo shooting, varied cute food mixed with the scary element. On the day of October 29th, it will host “Halloween kids party” and “Alice’s Halloween Trip”. The whole hotel will be decorated in the theme of Halloween. The chef of Yunxuan restaurant has specially designed “Head break and bleed cake”. It is said the degree of shocking is beyond the imagination of the consumers.

The “Alice in the hotel suits” at Palais de Chine Hotel offers accommodation starts at 10,310 per night. You can live in the executive suits with the Halloween theme. The room provide the bunny shaped towel, Alice styled dressing mirror, welcome snacks and other eye catching gifts, and even the dinner at Yunxuan restaurant.

The Regent Taipei will provide delicate “Limited Halloween Afternoon Tea” at the “Secret Garden” and other delicious food fit the theme. And between October 29th and October 30th, in the boutique area of the hotel it will build a “Wonderland of Ghost”, gathering the “most popular” balloon expert and “Cupcake of Ghost Fun DIY”. Kids can come and participate in the featured event of “Jack Pumpkin” and “Frankenstein” cupcake events. They can also join the “Trick or Treat”.

The Miramar Hotel Hsinchu offered the “Come for Halloween” event. On the night of October 31st, when you come to the restaurant for the dinner, besides the special decoration at the scene, creepy Halloween atmosphere, you can even find fun and surprising snacks on the counter. The price of each guest starts at 799. Kids that younger than 12 and dressed up for Halloween can enjoy the dinner for free. Kids and Adults can enjoy the fun and food, while feel the funny atmosphere in Halloween.

Besides the themed salad bar, the Miramar Hotel Hsinchu has five entrées for Halloween for a limited time. Such as a variety of vegetable “Bloody Hand”. The chef has baked the chicken with special sauce for two days, coated with Mexican taco sauce, ketchup, mixed with potato and maggots tinted with cuttlefish juice, fried Italian noodle, making it looks like the hand from the hell. It is eye catching. “Magical scene” has used the American Prime Fillet steak (6 oz), thick and juicy steak shown in blocks, accompanied with the cross shaped toast. With the cuttlefish stewed rice and potato shaped maggots, it creates the atmosphere of the dark tomb. The “breaking” uses New Orleans sauce with roast pork ribs, bright red color sauce mixed with soft pork ribs.

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