Top 10 Urban Architecture Spots in Taiwan

In recently year, local governments at county and city levels in Taiwan have devoted themselves to creating new urban architectures for local residence, by constructing more sports centers, museums, libraries, theaters and others. Hoping the tourists and residences could enjoy a fest of both inner and outside joy through passing by, visiting and using the public infrastructures. Here we have summarized the top 10 classic architectures that has completed and started running in the past two years, you will know how attractive they are after reading this.

  1. New Taipei City Xin Wu Tai Civil Sports Center

The New Taipei City Xin Wu Tai Civil Sports Center opened last July not only have pretty exterior design, but also is the first sports center in Taipei City with a focus on “Martial Arts”. Its Martial Art Classroom is suitable for different types of martial arts. If you want to try karate, free combat, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Judo, Russian Martial Art, or Wako Kickboxing, you can come here and have a try.

  1. Hsinchu Ksinke Sports Center

The first national sport center in Hsinchu, Hsinke National Sport Center is the most popular energy saving and environmental friendly green buildings nowadays.

However, a lot of residences have complaint the expensive tickets during the opening. Good thing is, the government of Hsinchu has listened to the voice of residence and negotiated with the owner, and finally reduce the price. In fact, how much is charged to the ticket is not a big issue, the problem is it shouldn’t be higher than Taipei.

  1. San Chong Civil Sports Center

The bright, full of energy San Chong Civil Sports Center, which looks like a distinguished museum from the its appearance. Besides ball games, swimming, rock climbing, it equips with state of art archery equipment: the electronic controlled target for archery. All you need to do is to push the bottom, the target will immediately move forward. Therefore, people no longer need to ran in the rain or affect others practice, when they are trying to retrieve their arrows. It has surpassed those membership clubs and gyms. You have to say, people in San Chong is so lucky!

  1. New Taipei City Library

The most frequent mentioned places last May is the New Taipei City Library, which you can walk to it in five minutes after getting of the exit 3 of Yadong Hospital Metro station. You will find the Library combined with tradition and digital, and also gives you a sense of science and technology. The 13 floors are designed for difference customers in order to satisfy different readers’ need.

Moreover, if the residence in Taipei cannot sleep in the middle of the night, they don’t need to find another dream on the rooftop anymore. They can come to the library to enjoy themselves in the world of reading. Don’t feel like I’m joking, the New Taipei Library is the first library that opens 24 hours like 7-11.

  1. Tamsui National Sport Center

Tamsui National Sport Center is the only on in Taiwan that combined the design of park landscape. The building looks like sailing boats. It is often mistaken by people as a pre-sale house or a B&B.

Tamsui National Sport Center, adjacent to North Coast, emphasizes on swimming education. It has not only progressive swimming lessons, but also organizes open water activities. Sports and sightseeing, combined with local features and historic attractions, the Sport Center has developed bicycle activities, triathlon and others. How could you not like Tamsui National Sport Center with all these varied activities to offer?

  1. Cloud Gate Theater

Look at the mountain, the sea and the dance, the Tamsui Cloud Gate Theater has officially put in use in April 2015. There’s a huge outdoor space that is open to public. Visitors can come here for a walk, enjoying the view of sea, sitting on the grass and imagine the clouds over the rooftop, admiring the statues of Lo Man-fei, feeling the architecture that is surrounded by the nature.

  1. Kaohsiung Main Public Library

Kaohsiung Main Public Library will change your impression of library. Gift box-shaped appearance with different lighting effects, it is top 10 buildings for night view.

Walking into the library, the wide open space, and artworks made of books, it is not exaggerating to mistake the library as an exhibition. It is worth mentioning that it will build the first international picture book center, a Children’s theater, with 120,000 children picture book from all over the world.

  1. Syntrend Creative Park

Nicknamed the “Akihabara of Taipei”, the Syntrend Creative Park located in Guanghua shopping district, close to HuaShan Creative Park, is both innovative and creative.

Syntrend has attracted many technical giants to join, including their experience stores, including Intel’s Concept store and Maker Junior section dedicated to children and teens, and top hi-end audiovisual room, which enable shoppers to get closer to new technology through experience.

  1. Chimei Museum

You can stay here for the whole day!

Chimei Museum is absolutely the most stunning new places in 2015, which attracts thousands of visitors.

From the outside, there are the United State Capitol, Apollo fountain, bridge of the gods and so on. Inside, there are musical instruments, violin, weapons, animals, Rodin, Europe and seven other exhibition room.

  1. Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum

Most discussed classic public infrastructure – Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, mostly because the incident of defacing the artworks. Although, many peoples say without the incident, they didn’t even know there’s such a place. And some says because of the incidence, public get to know Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum and discover its beauty.

The architect, who designed the Museum says, it’s a slow and leisurely movie. You cannot get to the door directly from the car, you need to admire the building across the lake, walk through the bridge, calm yourself before facing the bamboo forest. There’s interesting design every corner, you can find unexpected surprise in the process.

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