Top International Village Tourism Destinations in China

Recently, the Tourism Bureau of China plans to be recognized Yanqing, Beijing and other 10 location as “Outstanding International Village Tourism Destinations in China”. The results will be published from July 31st, to August 4th. Let’s check if they deserve.

  1. Yanqing, Beijing

Yanqing, Beijing is 500 meters above sea level. It is cold in winter and cool in summer, known as the “summer city in Beijing”. Yanqing has rewarded as the model green county in the country, National ecological county and others. The famous attraction of the Badalin of the Great wall, Baili Landscape Painting Gallery, Yanqing Global Geopark of China and others.

  1. Snow Village, Helongjiang

Snow Village is located Shuanfeng, Meilin City, Helongjiang with 500 square meters. It is 1,200 meter above the sea level. The snow barely melts in the winter. Everything is wrapped in white. The view is like in the picture. The best time to visit is January, February, March, November and December.

  1. Shaoshan Tourists Area, Hunan

The Shaoshan Tourists Area in Xiangtan, Hunan is the National 5A Tourists Area. It has many tourists’ resources.

  1. Yi County, Yellow Mountain City, Anhui

Yi County, one of the 6 ancient counties in Old Anhui, is known as the Chinese village from the picture. Xidi, Hong Village, the World Cultural Heritage, are located here. The view is also as pretty as the picture. It is the first batch of cities in China that are strong in tourism.

  1. Wuyuan county, Shangrao, Jiangxi

Wuyuan County, another one of the 6 ancient counties in Old Anhui. It is known as the county of tea. It is a famous ecological tourism county and the Prettiest County in China.

  1. Xiang Village, Zhouzhuang, Kunshan County, Jiangsu

“Xiang Village – Qi Zhuang” is the tourism and culture brand of Zhouzhuang, expanding and developing the tourism experience village. It leads the tourists to explore the beauty of the county in depth.

  1. Dongyang Huayuan Village, Jinhua City, Zhejing

Dongyang Huayuan Village is locate in Nanma County. It was awarded with the National Civilized County, Zhejiang Rural City’s Model of Modernization.

  1. Yangshuo county, Guilin, Guangxi

Yangshuo County has Li river, Bilian Mountain, Julong lake, Liu Sanjie Water Park and other attractions. It also has the view of the village that looks like picture.

  1. Beiren County, Qionghai City, Hainan

Beiren County has a total 390,020 square meters. It is the central area of 3 beautiful villages in Qionghai. It has great location and resources advantages.

  1. Qianhu, Xijiang, Guizhou

Qianhu village is consisted with 10 natural villages that next to the mountain. It is the biggest village, where Miao people gather here. It is also one of the 10 most beautiful villages in China.

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