Wanfang Hospital Restaurants

If you happen to be staying or living in the Wanfang area in Taipei, which would be the Wanfang Hospital MRT Station or the Wanfang Community MRT Station on the Brown Line, you will have access to some of the best food in the city and the widest variety of options believe it or not.

Starting from the basic fast food, there is a Subway when you turn out to the right of Wanfang Hospital Station and also a Starbucks next to the hospital. There is also a KFC directly across from the exit of the station as well as a McDonalds further down the street past passed the 7/11 on the same side. Across from McDonalds in that direction is a Subway nestled in the alley located next to China Telecom. There is pretty much no other area that has all of these within a 1 block radius of each other aside from the Zhongshan MRT station.

Around the Subway and McDonalds areas further down the street toward Xinhai Rd. are a number of stir fry or “hot fry” (which is a mistranslation of the Chinese 熱炒) restaurants that have good food, beer and are open late. Around the corner on Xinhai Rd. there are a number of good fruit stands, milk tea shops and across a Western restaurant used to be called Greasy Spoon (the name has since changed I believe), making it a great area for food.

Heading back to the KFC side of things, between the alley of that restaurant and 7/11 is a Taiwan Beef Noodles shop that many including myself believe has the best Beef Noodles in Taipei, mainly due to the fact that the noodles are all home made and the soup has a little kick to it. Unlike regular beef noodle broth which has a very strong beef flavor or the spicy beef noodles known as 麻辣麵 in Chinese, this shop is a great balance between flavor and price. The shop also has an assortment of appetizers and great fried noodles, making it one of the most sought out restaurants in the area.

Just down from this noodle shop on the right hand side is a café that features outdoor seating under shade. On the menu there is an assortment of coffees, teas and desserts that are a great way to indulge in after the Beef Noodles. If that dessert seems to heavy, go down the alley adjacent where there are many shaved ice stores and get something like Mango Ice.

This area is quite hustling and bustling as the China University of Technology is located right behind the shaved ice alley. In between this alley and the university also lies an assortment of Thai food, Vietnamese, Indonesia and even German food, giving both students and residents a wide variety.

If you live in the Wanfang Community area then most likely you find yourself walking down to this area to get food, as there are pretty much no restaurants in this area. This station and the Muzha MRT station have got to be the least developed in all of Taipei in my opinion food wise, yet their neighbor is one of the most developed so it balances out.

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