Water Parks in Taiwan – Top Spots to Cool Off in Summer

What you need in the hot summer is water! After the finals, the summer vacation is here. Of course, you have to run to the sunny beach and sea with a bunch of friend. Besides the trip to the beach, a trip to the exciting water park is not a bad choice neither. A few theme parks have launched summer discount, allowing the tourists to have a cool memory in the summer.

Leofoo Village Water Park buy one get one free with student ID

Address: No. 60 Gongzigou, Ren’anli, Guanxi Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan

Price: buy one get one free with student ID for 599 yuan (average 299 per person)

Duration: June 17, 2017 to September 17, 2017

In order to help students to relax completely after finals, it has launched valuable ticket discount specially for students. The event “Leofoo water park buy one get one free with student id” offers 299 yuan per person. So, the students could not only save some money, but also enjoy the water park with a few friends. Taking the “frozen slide” under the sun, experiencing the super cool 6-degree low temperature and the speed. You can enjoy the most frozen summer.


Janfusun one ticket to have fun both in the water and on the land

Address: No. 67 Dahukou, Yongguang village, Gukeng Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan

Price: one ticket price for all – 599 yuan, after 1 pm the price is 399

At Janfusun, you can experience the longest artificial wave – diamond wave, which is about 10 minutes. Eight sections of the wave continue stimulate. And the only tornado in Asia, big bowl, take the rubber boats, and enjoy the rapid fall of pleasure. You can experience the variety of stimulating facilities. So, children and adults can have fun in the water. The one ticket price for all discount is launched by the park. If you enter the park after 1 pm, the price is only 399 yuan.


Lihpao Land have fun in land, air and water

Address: No. 8 Furong road, Houli district, Taizhong

Duration: June 24 to September 3

Price: choose two out of three: land, air, or water for 699 yuan

Are still hesitating about which them park to go or should you have fun in the water? The Lihpao land has satisfied all the desire of all the tourists. It has launched a package deal for land, water and air. No matter if you want to have fun in the Mala Bay, or you want to try the discovery land that have a lot of trilling equipment, or you want to take the Ferris wheel, the two out of three choices only cost 699 yuan.

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