How to Use We-Chat to Buy High Speed Train Tickets

The passengers that ride the high-speed trains, which starts with letter G or D, can order food on the official website of the railway – 12306 ahead of time and pay with Wechat. The 27 high-speed train stations cover the country will become the first batch of trial stations, providing online food order and delivery service. There are over 100 restaurant brands can be selected.

More efficient, 2 hours before the trip, order the food for the whole trip and pay with Wechat.

2 hours before the train takes off, passengers can order on the website of 12306 or the 12306 APP and pay with Wechat. After successful booked the ticket on the website, you will receive system notification. When you confirm your order for the food, you can follow the instruction on the page and pay with the Wecaht.

Purchasing ticket through phone, at the counter, kiosk and others, passengers can also order food on the website – 12306. They only need to provide the ticket information and the contact’s information. All the food cost (including the delivery fee) is same as other ordering service, there won’t be any extra charges. Not only this, after the passengers successfully complete the order, the staffs at the train station will deliver the food at the designated carriage and seats at the request of the passengers.

For passengers, all the food can be ordered online and paid using Wechat. So, the passengers don’t need to worry about the dining issue on the train, or worry about the changes using cash on the train. The food order using Wechat’s network has greatly reduced the pressure of consumption on the train. Thus, the passengers can enjoy the way of traveling without cash.

More variety, 27 stations and hundreds of restaurants providing local food

Passengers have more and more options for food. Though the ordering system on the railway, and Wechat can be used to order the food provided on the train, or the varied local foods on the way.

So far, the first batch of trial cities are total 27, including Shanghai, Tainjin, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Shengyang, Changchun, Wuhan, Jinan, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou, and other provincial capital and high-speed train stations in the planned cities.

Besides KFC, McDonald’s, Dicos, there are also local food alone the way can be choosing by the passengers. For example, Guangzhou South Train Station, you can order Guangdong food “72 street”, Chengdu East Station, and Chongqing North Station, you can order the spicy Sichuan Cuisine “The taste of Sichuan”, Xi’an North Station, you can order the meat burger from “Da Tang Teng Ji” or “Fly Flower”, at Taiyuan South Station, you can taste the traditional food from “Good wife”.

The main platform of O2O catering service has been expanded once again by the payment solution – Wechat. The Wecaht payment directly connected with the ordering system of Railway. It opens the catering service “On the train” and “off the train”. More passengers can experience the efficient living style of no cash. The increased corporation between railway system and Wechat payment has marked the expansion of the “no-cash life” to the whole country. It helps the realizing of the “traveling without cash, no need to wait.”

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