Taipei Weekend Tour – Guide to Short Tours in Taipei

Fun Hand Made Museum

We get in contact with paper every day, but do you know how is paper made? The paper museum can tell you. Here is paper making, and DIY activity of book. After this, you can visit the mini museum of the collection of many tiny art works. Today has arranged many Japanese and European styled foods: Machikaka let you enjoy the Japanese flavored food and desserts of green tea without going to Japan. Tutti Café have the atmosphere of European bistro, letting people enjoy a short period of relaxing in the busy urban life.

Machikaka Japanese home-style desserts and light food

This store located in the alley. The owner is a Japanese, who loves food. Therefore, all the food offered in the restaurant are not semi-finished products. They are made freshly with the ingredients from Japan. The top choice of the afternoon tea “Green Tea Cheese Cake” has used the green tea imported from Japan and the cheese from Australia, adding the Oreo cookies. You can taste a little bit of sour from the cheese, followed by the flavor of green tea and the crispy of the cookies. You drink a cup of warm Hojicha Tea Latte, it can dilute the sticky feeling of cheese, left you a full mouth of the milk flavor. Besides delicious dessert, there are authentic Japanese meal during lunch. The “Potato with stewed meat” have rice, side dishes, desserts and hot tea. The soft pork meat is soaked with sauce, adding soft potato. The authentic Japanese home-style tastes making many Japanese customers cry “the flavor of the food made by mom”.

No. 4, Alley 216, Sec. 3, East Nanjing Road, Zhongshan, Taipei


Suho Paper Memorial Musuem, Paper DIY, interesting and fun

Located in the busy East Chang’an Road, but you cannot feel the sense of busyness. The four-floor building is filled with the atmosphere of warm, comfortable, and nature. The most interesting activity is the DIY paper making. On rooftop, with the use of pulp and hand net, with a few simple steps, you can make a very special paper. If you are interested in making the handmade paper, you can purchase the DIY tool on the first floor.

The handmade paper factory and letterpress printing on the first floor have quite the history. During the holiday, sometimes the staffs will do operating on the first floor and show people how the paper making and printing work. On the third floor is the exhibition area, introducing the history of paper, materials used to make paper, and the application of paper in life, such as absorbing tissues, hotpot paper, charcoal paper and others. You can understand the properties of different types of paper through scientific activity.

No. 68, Sec. 2, East Chang’an Road, Zhongshan, Taipei



Mini Museum – delicate and intricate collection

Mini Museum with more than 200 collections is the biggest modern mini art work themed museum. Each piece is very delicate, replicates of architectures, or the keys on the table, 1-centimeter-tall wine bottle are filled with real brandy, the stamp-sized oil paint is authentic, the chairs, bed sheet, china, glass, crystal lamps and others, are all replicates of the real things.

There are several best works you have to observe carefully. The biggest work “The Leihe Town under the thunder” based on the little town in the west part of America. If you observe carefully, you can see different things happened in the different locations. The smallest work “Tree pits”, even though it is tiny, the details are dealt with delicacy. You can even tell the engineer in the office. The first large scaled, most representative work is the “Rose Mansion”, showing the California mansion style. Also, the most expensive collection of “Buckingham Palace”, which is worth to buy a luxurious house in Taipei.

B1, No. 96, Sec. 1, North Jianguo Road, Zhongshan, Taipei


Tutti Café European light food

Simple and stable space with warm light and wooden chairs and tables, creating a relaxing European Bristol atmosphere. Different the authentic European styled brunch, the menu of Tutti Café has added local flavor, preserved pork, salted egg, minced pork, Taiwan sausage and others. They have created special home-made minced pork hamburger, European source with preserved pork and other mixed food.

European source with preserved pork burger is recommended, inside the crispy focaccia is the fried preserved pork, fresh vegetables and fruit, and specially made sauce. Take a big bite, you can feel the softness of the bread, mixed flavor of the pork. The home-made desserts are also the popular. You should not miss it.

No. 163, Sec. 2, East Nanjing Road, Zhongshan, Taipei



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