Sad story of “Weeping Lake” attracts tourists to visit

The Dongyuan Lake Forest Recreation area in Mudan, Pingtung, also known as “Weeping Lake” in Taiwan, has its legend that the water in the lake was the tears from a Paiwan girl, whose lover never came back after going out for hunting. As the time in May and June is the blossom season for wildflowers, it is very pretty so it has become the hidden place for tourists. However, a local owner of bed and breakfast has registered the name “Weeping Lake” back in 2007 and asked Mudan Town Office not to use the name and file the infringement complaint. The Intelligent Property Bureau ruled that there was no infringement issue since the name was only used as the indication for the landmark.

During the time in May and June, the wildflowers burst into bloom. It is very romantic that the whole lake looks like filled with flying white butterflies.

According to the legend, the tears were from the Paiwan girl, who was deeply in love with his lover. She kept waiting for her lover to return from the hunting trip, and her tears became the lake. The sad love stories add more points to the beautiful scenery.

The narrator says it was the homophonic pronunciation when the Japanese word translated into Chinese. In Japanese, it means mouth, where the water burst its banks.

Weeping Lake is the name given by the locals, officially, it is called Dongyuan Lake. It has become the favorite hidden places for the tourists to visit when they come to Mudan County. However, the name of “Weeping Lake” has triggered the fight on trademark between the government and residence. Because the nearby owner of a Bed and Breakfast has registered the name “Weeping Lake” at the end of 2007 to forbid the use of the name by the government.

The owner of the Bed and Breakfast – Dong Bin says he own the trademark of “Weeping Lake”, as long as they do not use the name at the entrance of Dongyuan Forest Recreation area, it is ok to leave the name there as the road sign to lead people here.

Dong Zhong-ren, the supervisor at Agricultural Tourism Department of Mudan County Office, says the name is only used in introducing the location. There should not be any concern over the violation of trademark law.

The owner is not satisfied with the County Office and filed for infringement of the trademark. However, the Intelligent Property Bureau replied, the name is not used in a product, but a road sign. There is no violation of trademark right. However, to avoid the controversy, the county has changed the name in the entrance and road sign to Dongyuan Lake and reminded tourists to follow the sign of Dongyuan Lake to go to Weeping Lake.

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