7 reasons why you should practice Qigong

  • It is relaxing. Qigong focuses on movement and breath, allowing the mind to calm itself and bring awareness to the present. This relaxes the mind from wondering off into past and future thoughts and allows you to be more conscious of how you breath and entire body feel and operate.
  • It can cure people. Several people have reportedly beaten cancer as a result of practicing Qigong diligently (at least one hour a day). The Qi utilized through practices allows the body to essentially circulate universal energy that corresponds to your meridians and various other energy points, which have the capacity for natural healing. Qi circulation also improves your blood flow, digestion and produces anti-oxidants in the body that are also beneficial for the body.
  • It gives you energy. Practicing Qigong stimulates energy flow and smoothens it, which basically helps in preventing people from feeling tired and worn out as much. Many high-level practitioners replace sleep with Qi Gong as their body is naturally revitalized through the focused practice.
  • Helps bring balance. Because there is focus on breath and the present moment the mind is able to abide in the moment more easily. This allows the mind to re-charge in a sense and puts other things that might have been troubling or causing afflictions into more perspective.
  • It is natural medicine. Expanding off number 2, if you do Qigong when you have a headache or basically any kind of ache in your body it can be heeled due to the Qi circulation. Many people who often get headaches or have had injuries in the past that later cause them pain can benefit from Qigong. I used to get sick often but since I started practicing Qigong everyday I have been healthier, happier and better balanced.
  • Qigong balances the immune system. Those who have digestion or bowel movement problems should do Qigong practice as the energy harnessed in the practice creates balance where imbalances or disturbances in the body might otherwise exist. I have seen first-hand many people see improvements with their digestion. More so, the energy produced from Qigong helps circulate positive energy in the body, which translates into a more positive state of mind, and thus a stronger immune system.
  • You sleep better. Because you become more well balanced, positive, relaxed and perhaps even naturally cured, the body and mind are able to sink into sleep easier than

There is nothing magical about Qigong, yet it seems to perform magic. It is a practice based off energy flow that harnesses vibrations and sensations that we are otherwise not sensitive in the universe. It is definitely real and not fake, and for those who practice it see immediate benefit.

If you have any doubt though, just take a look early in the morning at pretty much any park and China and ask how elderly people doing the practice feel, assuming you speak Chinese. Or consult other students of the practice and do more research into what can be proven on the scientific side of things if you are more skeptical. Either way, this is a practice that has no upfront costs, is completely natural, but may leave you surprised as you may benefit from it immediately.

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