Xiamen Tourism and Travel – What to Know

The beauty of Xiamen, Fujian is mostly in Kulangsu. It is a tiny island, which is only 1.91 square kilometers, a little bit larger than 4 Tian’anmen square. There is approximately 20,000 people on the island with a great view.

Before the Opium War, this island has no fame. After the war, Xiamen has been developed as the trading port, which allow the foreign culture entering the island and integrate with local culture, making this island especially unique.

Normally, when tourists come to Xiamen, they will definitely check Kulangsu. This island had accepted 11,360,000 visitors in 2012 alone. Now, it is very crowed. Thus, since 2013, in order to protect the island, they start to restrict the number of visitors on the island.

The application for cultural heritage for Kulangsu has been 10 years now. Since 2008, it has been included in the waiting list for the world cultural heritage. If it passes in the conference in July 2017, then, it will officially be listed as World Cultural Heritage.

There is no motor vehicle on this island. The major transportation is walking. Of course, there is scooters prepared for the tourists. The roads on the island are uneven. Walking is the best way to tour. Since the Opium War, there are many exotic architectures being built in this island during the past                  100 years.

Since Xiamen has opened its port, foreigners rushed into Kulangsu. They built the consulates, trading stores, villas, churches, making this island busy and lively, like a fully functioned small city.

Besides, many southern people that did business there started to build villas. Therefore, there are varied styled architectures, European style, south Asian style. You can call it the museum of the different countries’ style architectures.

Once you climb to the tallest mountain – Riguangyan, you can see the houses on the island hidden in the green trees. There are many museums in the island, such as the piano museums, which has a collection of 40-old-piano.

KUlangsu is very close to Xiamen, which only takes a few minutes by boat. The view of the modern city across can’t even compete with the historical relics that has a hundred years’ history.

Walking around the island, you will realize that there are a lot of couples shooting their wedding photos here. No matter, how far away is the alley, you can always see a couple, leaving their most beautiful moment on the island.

There is a beach by the see, and some entertainment things. But the most charming things are still the alleys, old houses and stories behind them.

There are many foods here in Xiamen, you can find it in Kulangsu: Shacha noodle, fried oyster, pasta, bamboo, which can be find in any restaurant. There is even more seafood.

The climate here is warm all the year, especially in the winter, not very cold. You can see the red flower blooming everywhere. You can spend your vacation here anytime of the year. The residences on the island have opened a lot of Breakfast and bed.

Yuyuan is also called the Memorial Park for Doctor Lin Qiaozhi. She is the founder of our country’s modern obstetrics and gynecology, a native Kulangsu.

It is better not to come to Kulangsu in holiday or weekend. All the attractions are occupied by tourists’ groups. Slowing walking around the alleys, feeling the artistic atmosphere in the island.

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