Xuhui Self-Guided Tours – Recommended Sites to See

Xuhui is the 4A National Tourism Area and is also the first open styled metropolitan tourism area. Here has nourished the scientific culture of modern Shanghai and even China, original place of Hai Genre Culture, gathering place for culture and history, prospective business, and convenient transportation. Here, it has witnessed the past of “culture exchange between eastern world and western world” with its hundred years of history architecture.

Xu Guangqi Memorial Hall →Tou-Se-We Museum →Shanghai Film Museum

Address: 17 Nandan Rd, inside Guangqi Park

Opening hour: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 – 16:30

Ticket price: free

Xui Guangqi (1562 – 1633), courtesy name Zixian, second alternative Chinese name Xuanhu, was born in Shanghai, a Chinese scholar in the Ming Dynasty, worked as Minister of Rites and Grand Secretary. He was buried in 1641 at the Guangqi Park in Xujiahui. He has brought western scientific knowledge in to China and has made outstanding contribution in terms of mathematics, astronomy, agriculture, military and others. He was called as the patriotic scientist in late Ming Dynasty, and the first person in the culture exchange between Chinese and western culture.

Xu Guangqi Memorial Hall is located in 17 Nandan RD, renovated from the “Nan Chun Hua Tang” – residence built in Ming Dynasty. It is 400 square meters. 220 square meters are for exhibition, which are divided into World Vision, Sceintific spirit, patriotic, and noble sentiment four parts. The hall has the portrait of Xu Guangqi, hand writing works, documentary and other valuable materials, presenting the realistic meaning and modern value of Xu Guangqi spirit.

Tou-Se-We Museum

Address: 55 Puhuitang Road

Opening hour: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 – 16:00

Ticket price: free

Tou-Se-We Museum is located in the south part of Xujiahui, Zhaojiabang turns here. Because of the channel dredging, the dirt are piled up here. This is how the name came from. The Shanghai Society of Jesus has built Orphanage here from 1864 to 1960. Tou-Se-We is the cradle of the western painting in China, creating generations of artists. Here is also the originated places for modern Shanghai technique and Hai genre culture. It has created many number 1 in Chinese art history.

Tou-Se-We Museum is combined with the bottom level of the old residence of Tou-Se-We, the three floor red building, and glass wall. There are four theme halls: branch Hall, Xujiahui Hall, Tou-Se-We Hall, and Heritage. The exhibition include the world sculpture artist Zhang Chongren, founder of the Hai Genre Sculpture artist Xu Baoqing, and even the tower of Tou-Se-We, which has been participated in the Expo, and other culture relics. It has shown the important role, influence and historical status of Tou-Se-We in modern cultural exchange of Chinese and Western.

Shanghai Film Museum

Address: 595 North Caoxi Road

Opening hour: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 – 17:00 (no ticket sell after 16:30)

Ticket price: adult 60 yuan, student 30 yuan (kid over 1.3 meters – 18 old in undergraduate college and below can purchase student ticket with student ID)

Since 30s last century, here has created Lianhua, Diantong, Xinhua, Kunlun, Wenhua, Haiyan, Tianma and other film companies. It was once known as the “Hollywood” of Shanghai film. On November 11, 1946, Shanghai Film Production Company was born here, becoming one of the three film bases in China. In June 2013, Shanghai Film Museum was built on the original site of “Shanghai Film Production Company”.

The total exhibition size is 15,000 square meters, combining exhibition, interaction, visiting and experience. It have many functions such as collection of cultural relics, academic study, social education, exhibition and others. It has become one of the most exhibition window for the Chinese film.

Qian Xuesen Library

Opening hour: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 – 17:00

Address: 1800 Hushan Road

Ticket Price: free

Qian Xuesen (1911 – 2009) is the outstanding scientist and the founder of the astronomy in our country. He is known as the people’s scientist. In December 11, 2011, Qian Xuesen Library was open to public after built at the 100 anniversary of his birth. The total construction size is 8,188 square meters, designed by He Jingtang, the designer of China Pavilion in the Expo and Dean of Chinese Engineer Academy. The library has connection of Qian Xuesen’s book, handwriting notes, and documents of 61,000, 300 valuable picture, 700 real possessions of Qian. It is the National Patriotic Education Model Base, National Scientific Education Base, Shanghai Patriotic Education Base, Shanghai Scientific Education Base, and Shanghai National Security Education Base.

Featured Restaurants

Ye Olde Station (Former Site of Virgin Mary Convent)

Dining hour: 11:00 – 14:00, 16:00 – 22:00

Address: 201 North Caoxi Road

Ye Olde Station mainly serves Shanghai cuisine. The building was built in 1962 and is the only remaining part of the former site of Virgin Mary Convent. Inside the restaurant, it has a display of Shanghai’s “old antique” from 20s and 30s, and two train coaches with significant historical meanings. One is the 97318 business car made in 1899 by German Hanover Car Manufacturer, used by Empress Dowager Cixi; another one is the 97431 specialty car made by Russian Catherine Car Manufacturer, which is used by Song Qingling.


Opening hour: 10:00 – 22:00

Address: crossroad of Hengshan Road and Tianping Road

Hengshanfang is less than 10 minutes from the center area of Xujiahui. Here has many unique restaurants, hotels, café, galleries and boutique stores. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the food. As the sample of the classic residence of Shanghai residents, the coexistence of south and north architectures is the feature of Hengshanfang, creating flexibility in space. The pocket styled square with multiple entrances is based on the characteristics of the layout of alleys. It has reproduced the public space, when Shanghai residence like to gather at the entrance of the alley, showing the friendly living style of the neighborhood.

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