Popular Attractions in Xuzou, China – Must See Xuzou

Some people say Xuzhou is gold, some say Xuzhou is green, some say is pink, some say is blue, and some say is colorful. But there is only one Xuzhou in the country.

Xuzhou – trendy on internet – spring chapter: Hudong Road

Spring is the season where everything wakes up, which is the best season in Hudong Road. The poem from Zhu Xi says “It is easy to tell wind from west, the colorful season is always spring.” This is perfect to describe Hudong Road: red flowers, green grass, clear water, and green mountain. On Hudong Road, a family with a few generation can have fun here. Or, you can also relax by yourself. They both are good choices.

Yulong Park

Compare to the gardens in Suzhou, or the Jichang Garden in Wuxi, or the Shou West Lake in Yangzhou, Yulong Park is only better not less. The size is bigger, the green area is larger. In spring, it is the natural oxygen bar for the people in the downtown. Doing morning exercise here, enjoy the view after lunch, and walking around after the sunset, you will have different feelings.

Botanic Garden

Spring is the time where everything grows, flowers are all over the places. If you come to the Botanic Garden, you will feel most the color of the spring. Those flowers: in red, yellow, blue, purple, looks like the colorful gems that are giving us by the nature.

Horse training terrace

Take a tour to Horse Training Terrace in spring is not a bad choice. The liveness in the spring and the courage of the King of Chu left here back then, seems to bring people back to the time of the war.

Summer chapter – Yunlong Lake 10 thousands people swimming pool

In the hot summer, nothing cools you done better than swimming? Yunlong Lake 10 thousands people swimming pool has provided a good place for people. There is no one, who can swim, that hasn’t been to Yunlong Lake. If you haven’t swim in the Yunlong Lake in the summer, it feels like missing something.

Come here, you will discover that the summer is getting sunnier, and there is lotus flower, sounds of the insects, raining, and the poems you haven’t finished reading. All these enjoyment, they are not noisy, just quiet, liked…

Lvliang Scenic Area

There are many attractions in Lvliang Scenic Area, Xuanshui Lake that is much larger than Yunlong Lake, the most beautiful village of Niyuan Village. The courtyard by the mountain, fishing and barbeque, sun rise and sunset, is there other better options than this to spend the summer vacation.

Pan’an Lake Scenic Area

This is so-called the “most beautiful wetland in China). Take a boat, you can feel the beauty of nature, quiet and relax with the natural coolness and enjoyment.

Autumn chapter – the autumn leaves in the Huai Tower

The leaves in the Huai Tower is yellow now, carrying out infinite grief of the revolutionaries, who have sacrificed themselves. The golden ginkgo leaves in the Huai Tower Scenic Area looks like a tree of golds, decorating our moods in the autumn.

Pizhou Ginkgo Forest

Pizhou Ginkgo Forest has become the must-go classic attraction in autumn for locals. Traveling time through the “Time tunnel”, you will feel the charm of the nature.

Jinlong Lake Maple Forest

The maple in autumn has brought different color for the autumn. The maple in the Jinlong Lake has become red, which looks like the hot fire in the autumn.

Pengzu Garden

Autumn is cool and fresh. The sweet scented osmanthus is everywhere in the air. Among all the sceneries, human are the most pretties scenery.

Winter chapter – Yunlong mountain

The Yunlong mountain after snow, famous temples, seems more solemn.

Yunlong Mountain Sight-seeing overlook

On the overlook, Xuzhou is covered in white. It is very different than other time, giving you a complete different experience.

Baolian Temple

Baolian Temple is wearing a white coat, quiet and peaceful. People here will be touched by the detached spirit of Buddhism.

Shuiyue Temple

In the cold winter, you can experience the calm in the temple, feel the warmth of life.

All the 16 popular attractions on the internet, do you remember now? Don’t feel like loving your hometown more?

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