Yang Ming Park preparing for 2016 cherry blossoms

The sun of early spring in March shines in the bashful and soft way. The flowers cannot wait to burst into bloom in Taipei’s Yang Ming Park, known as the backyard of Taipei. And the freshly grown leaves occupy the trees. What a busy scene of nature! Currently, 20% of the Yoshino cherry blossoms in the fountain of Park have burst into bloom. The newly renovated space at the Flower Clock Plaza has planted around 160 cherry blossom trees, which were burst into flower early this year. During the beautiful flower season, the park will hold flower-viewing picnic event on the weekend (March 5th) and the “Flower Funfest” Concert in the morning.

Full bloom of Yoshino cherry blossom is waiting for the spring’s calling. In addition to cherry blossom, azaleas, as well as Taiwan’s native Chinese Hydrangea, the white flower flying like the butterflies, are all dancing for the coming spring and the guests.

Additionally, driving along the Yangde Road, entering Hushan Road, before entering Yang Ming Park, the left ground has planted around 7,000 daffodils, which are finally starting to bloom and up to 50% at the moment. It is estimated the best time to visit the park would be between this weekend and next week. Visitors can enjoy not only the beauty of daffodils but also the smells of aroma floating in the air, which makes the visitors feel like inside a fairyland.

The picnic events last year, first time held in Yang Ming Park, were popular among the public. This year will hold the picnic event for the send year on the weekend (March 5th). To provide an enjoyable and relaxing environment for flower viewing and picnic, and increase the fun of having picnic, schools and communities near Yang Ming Park are invited to attend the “Flower Funfest” concert at 9:30 that morning. There will be a series of performances showed in the Flower Clock Plaza, including drums array, dulcimer, pipe music, dance, drums and others. Visitors can enjoy their leisure time in flower and picnic with their families.

Apart from this, before March 20th, the Public Works Department, Taipei City Government will open service center to offer free eco-guide services at Yang Ming Park every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10 am and 2 pm. If you want to learn more about the flowers in Yang Ming Park and the ecological landscape, you shouldn’t miss it.

Due to holiday crowds and limited parking space, visitors are encouraged to use public transportation to the mountain. The restricted period for visitors driving private vehicle is 7 to 16 for getting up to the mountain and 14 to 18 for getting down the mountain during the flower season. The restricted range up to the mountain is from Fuxing Bridge to the first alley of section 2 on Zhishan Road. On the way down the mountain, 43 alley of section 1 on Yangming Road is restricted.

The weather on the mountain is unstable, so don’t forget to bring rain gears and wear more clothes.

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