YouBike tours popular around Taipei MRT Luzhou Station

Going towards Huanti direction, there is the Taipei Metropolitan Park that crosses three districts and the double circled bike lane. You can sweat as much as you like while playing sports, or enjoy the view of Luzhou and Sanchong. If you feel tired, you can take a break at the coffee shop, eat some desserts and proceed to the road again with energy.

Taipei Metropolitan Park

Varied water activities, no need to go to the beach

The Taipei Metropolitan Park located in between Chenglu Bridge and Xinbei Bridge crosses three districts: Luzhou, Wugu, and Sanchong. The parks cover an area equals approximately the size of 16 Daan Forest Park. Inside the Weifeng Park, there is a baseball field, football field, hockey ground, and other sports arena. There is also the deep and clear man-made river – Weifeng Canal. Here you play water racing, dragon boat, skiff racing and other water activities, such as skiing and canoeing. You don’t have to go to a beach to escape the summer heat by enjoying the wind blows and the sunshine, especially when you playing the thrilling water activities.

The Wugu Wetland in the other side of the river has various ecological environments, including a vast area of marsh and mudflats. The rich resources inside have attracted birds, fish, and amphibians to gather here, which is also an important habitat for the protected Mortonagrion Hiroshi. During the holidays, there will be the free guide to lead visitors to know the ecology of wetland, observe mortonagrion Hiroshi. In the summer, there will be thousands of swallows stay here. At dawn, they will circle in the sky, attracting visitors to stop and watch.

Address: Shuhong Blvd, Erchong, Xinbei

Ludi Pets Park has training ladders for pets, jump circle, seesaw and a broad lawn. So pets can run freely here. The scenery around is beautiful, you can not only overlooking the mountains but also see sailing, canoeing, water skiing and other water activities. Huanti Blvd and Yongle Street have cute paintings: if you look up you will see dogs playing balls on the grass or climbing the ladder; but if you look down, you will see kids walking the dogs and also the florescent footprint of dogs. People who love to take photos should not miss this.

Address: No. 347 Alley, Chang’a Street, Luzhou, Xinbei

Taiwanese Style Noodles

The biggest Taiwanese Style Noodles in Luzhou

High ceilings with wooden decoration, the inside space of Taiwanese Style Noodles is bright and specious. On the wall, there is photo and description of the recommended dishes. Inside the glass cabinet displays various dishes. The soup of the noodles has the aroma of fried onions mixed with the sweetness, accompanied with the noodles neither too hard, not too soft, which tasted like the noodles cooked by mom. The featured handmade chicken wrap is filled with port, onion and taro, which is filled with stuffing inside and looked crispy outside. The stuffing is juicy and fresh. Add another dish of boiled vegetables, fish skin; that’s all you need for a delicious meal.

Address: No. 583, Sanmin Road, Luzhou, Xinbei

Coffish Coffee Shop

Charming Coffee x Fancy dessert

The space in Coffish is cozy and comfortable. You can not only taste the delicate coffee but also enjoy the delicious waffle that is beyond your imagination, which turned to a fancy and delicate dessert. The owner recommends the coffee “Geisha”, lightly baked coffee beans have obvious sour flavor, but later, you can feel the aroma of fruit. In the last, you can feel the aroma of coffee and the slightly bitter taste, which is very charming.

Before the desserts served to the table, they look ordinary in the fridge. You wouldn’t expect after decorating with chocolate, macaroons, Cape gooseberry, raspberry jam; the owner turns the simple glass cup of cheese into a lovely little fishbowls. The white cheese is covered with red jam made from a variety of berry. The thick milk flavor mixes with the sour and sweet of berry perfectly, making the flavor memorable. Under the ordinary look of waffle, you will be surprised by the first bite, crispy outside but soft inside. Two bites, the waffle, will melt inside your mouth, leaving aroma of neither too sweet nor too fed up. It is a good to fit with maple syrup or Caesar.

Address: No. 50, Yongle Street, Luzhou, Xinbei

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