Taipei Buffet Hotels

We all have different needs when it comes to the perfect hotel. One of the most common is a buffet breakfast, as this makes it easier to get your fill in the morning, before heading out for a day of sightseeing. This can be crucial for those not keen on foreign cuisine, as the vast … Read More

Taipei Hotels with Jacuzzi and Massage Services

These days a hotel is not just a place to rest your head and escape from the alien city you have decided to call home for a week or two. Hotels are places to eat, to drink, to have fun and, perhaps most importantly, to relax and unwind. We often find that the best hotels … Read More

Taipei United Hotel Review – Booking and Availability

The Taipei United Hotel is a 5-star hotel located forty-five minutes away from the main International airport in Taipei. It is located in the Da’an District, which is very popular with travelers seeking to be where the action is. The hotel has a shuttle service that regularly ferries guests to and from the airport, making … Read More

Conference Hotels Taipei – Reviews of Business Hotels in Taipei

Business travelers typically have different needs to those traveling for leisure, so the hotels that cater for them are set up a little differently. Business hotels tend to be more simpler, more minimalistic. They almost always have a fitness center and a spa of some sorts, so that professional men and women can de-stress and … Read More

Hotels with Travel Packages in Taipei: Review

Sometimes the best hotels are not just those that look great, offer the best amenities in your room and also have a spa, a pool and a fitness center. These are great things, and the best hotels tend to have them, but service is also up there and exceptional service is a must for all … Read More

Taipei Hotels with Airport Shuttle – Free Shuttle Service from Taoyuan

One of the essential parts of any holidays is getting from the airport to the hotel. As far as city breaks are concerned, this is a journey that typically takes less than an hour by car or bus, as most major city airports are located on the outskirts of the city. However, it is one … Read More

Taipei Hotels with Swimming Pool Facilities

There was a time when a swimming pool at a city hotel was a rare find. A time when the only swimming pools you found were in beach resorts, with outside pools that catered for hundreds of guests. Those times have changed though and these days a swimming pool is at the top of the … Read More