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New Taipei exhibit featuring global illustrations kicks off

Taipei City Youth Development Office and Taiwan Blood Services Foundation have launched a series of events on March 27th, according to Chinese news resources. On the first floor of the exhibition area is the exhibition for the illustrators hosted by the Dpi Magazine, who have invited six well-known domestic illustrators to make illustrations based on … Read More

Popular Taipei Streets for Different Purposes

Traveling in Taipei, besides Taipei National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, Shihlin Night Market and other famous attractions, there are many streets with various and unique features, such as Book Street, cram school Street, Numerology Street and others. When you come here, not only you can purchase cheap and fine commodities but also experience a different … Read More

Taipei Office Workers Volunteering as Tour Guides

Many attractions have city tour guides, but most of which are targeted at domestic tourists. A group of young office workers volunteers as the city guide to provide English tour guide to backpackers from Western countries, according to a new report from Yahoo Taiwan. Introducing the City of Taipei in-depth and in a way that … Read More

Pallas’s squirrel in Taiwan’s Dongyanshan Forest

Dongyanshan Forest Recreation Areas often attracts tourists to hike and walk in the Spring. Inside the park, you can often see Pallas’s squirrels. The Forest District Office asks visitors not to feed them, in order not to affect their health, and lower the risk of predation. It is recommended to observe from a distance and … Read More

Taipei Spring Tourism Exhibition Starts on Friday

The 2016 Taipei International Spring Tourism Exhibition will be held from March 25th to March 28 – a consecutive four days in Taipei World Trade Center. This year, there are around 300 businesses, including Taipei government and governments of other cities and towns. Some agents launched buy one get one free promotion for the European … Read More

Night Life at Taipei’s Eslite Bookstore

Night light in Taipei is the most important activity tourists like to participate, especially the 24 hours Eslite Bookstore, which has become the unique night view of culture in Taipei. Arts, trends and fashions interweave at night and form a multi-culture place. In 1999, Eslite Bookstore in Dunnan has set a precedent; it has become … Read More

Experience the new fun of Taipei Memorial

Taipei, a fascinating and charming city, is filled with multi-culture. You can take the metro to visit Taipei 101, National Dr. Sun Yat0sen Memorial Hall, Yong Kang Street, Shilin Night Market, and Raohe Night Market. On the trip, whether it is something to look, to eat, to buy, it can always bring travelers rich and … Read More

Dihua Street: Chinese New Year Shopping Street in Taipei

Before I went to Taipei, I told my Taiwanese friend that I will go to Taiwan. She was pleasantly surprised:” if you happen to go to Taipei before Chinese New Year, you can just go the New Year Shopping Street.” I’m astonished:” New Year Shopping Street? I’m not going to spend my Chinese New Year … Read More

DeaR DeeR Travel Book Store in Taipei

While Eslite Taiwan is building its brand image of “Beautiful living”, it has also successfully expanded its Chinese reading market. Tourists from Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China all want to have a close look at it to explore how can this culture of reading survive its 24 hours operating. Although Eslite original starts with … Read More

Japanese “Medical Museum” Running in Taipei

More and more Japanese Medical Stores are opening up in Taiwan, selling various Japanese cosmeceutical, food and commodities. The Japanese Medical Store in South Ximenting Road, also functioned as Japanese Medical Museum of Showa era. So people can come here to memory the past and visit. On the first to third floor, the commodities are … Read More