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Must See Spots in Taiwan – Must Do Recommendations in 2016

With the holiday’s coming in the New Year, there must be many people have got plans to travel Taiwan thoroughly during the holiday. However, for people that have already been pretty much every places in Taiwan, it might be boring for them to go the same place again. If you have already been to the … Read More

Thoughts from Travelers in Taipei

Travel journalist have been eating, drinking, playing and having fun for more than 10 years, being proud of writing with words, never get tired of it. Which school you can spend one and a half hour to walk from the east to the west? From the constant changing of architecture and appearance, you can see … Read More

Cycling Tours in Taipei – Where To Go Individually or in Groups

If you want to enjoy a most beautiful riverside scenery, cycling is not a bad idea. Cycling has become one of the popular leisure entertainments recently. The rental sites for Youbike have been widely set up, providing resident with convenient choices. You can plan a one-day cycling trip, starting from Gongguan alone the Xindian Creek, … Read More

Fun business districts and exhibitions in Taipei

Where to have fun in summer? Don’t need to be worried with hot weather or bad traffic. It is definitely having to be the business districts and travel exhibitions that are combined with fashion, food, travel, leisure and technology. It is now the most popular spot in the summer. The Taipei Life closely related to … Read More

Things to do in Sun Moon Lake

The month May is the season of appreciation, pink, red, yellow and white carnation not only symbolize care, appreciation, gratitude and immortality of mother’s love. During the holiday, it is also a good time to take your mom on a trip. The Sun Moon Lake in Nantou not only has beautiful and pleasant scenery, it … Read More

“Taipei, the city of design” travel brochure given out for free

The Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, has launched a series cultural promotion events based on design and travel – “Taipei, the city of design”, including a brochure and 2 types of map page. The event aims to invite people to join a depth designed trip, to understand the view presented by the city … Read More

Stationery stores in Taipei only known by locals

These stores are hidden in the alleys of Taipei. They present eye-catching charm in a low profile. Each store has collected various stationery. Not only do they attract the fans of stationery, but also the foreign tourists, who come here purposely for purchasing stationaries. Many products at the stores are carefully selected by the owners. … Read More