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Shezi Island – The forgotten backyard in Taipei

“Jilong River and Danshui River are by my side. The Shezi Island is as shiny as gold at the nightfall. My lover is calling my name, hoping it’s our future and our voice. Guanyin Mountain is across from me and blessing me. It blesses us for the day when we will success. Even the migrant … Read More

Thoughts on Traveling around the island of Taiwan

Once the White Dew is passed, the weather is getting cooler. The best season for the whole family to get out has come again. Even though the holidays are coming one after another, the recent holiday for the summit, mid-autumn festival, national day, who would feel that the holiday is too much? Since the sun … Read More

Man travels through 368 towns and counties in Taiwan for 6 years

The crowded subway station, or the busy street, which is the daily life we use to. In other people’s eyes, it is the beautiful scene of their hometown. The photographer Chen Yanyu, 22 years old, has planned to use 6 years to conduct a “photo shooting plan in 368 towns and counties”. Through his lens, … Read More

Treasure hunt activities taking off in Taipei

The first “2016 North Coast Art Festive” has launched 6 treasure hunt routes for 3 themes. In the 6 major areas along the seaside in Xinbei City, it has set up 20 new landmarks for traveling. Flowing the art works, you can experience the stunning view of the North Coast that is completely different from … Read More

Ten most beautiful architectures in Taiwan

The searching for the beautiful old architectures in Taiwan, each one is the hotspot for check-in. Which one you haven’t been to? The old the architectures are the frozen moment of time, standing in the fast changing view of the city. Getting closer to them, looking at them, it is not hard to image their … Read More

Bus line 17 now connecting Anping Harbor and Dagang

Want to travel the Anping Harbor with rich heritage in one day, and the taste the delicious seafood in Dagang? Now, you don’t need to worry about the tiredness of driving. The bus line 17 Happiness has now connected Anping Harbor and Dagang in the weekend. So the tourists can enjoy both location, and don’t … Read More

Taizhong Food Culture Festival debuts on the weekend

The Cultural Bureau of Taizhong Government will host the first “2016 Taizhong International Food and Culture Festival” on this weekend (24th). The media conference was hosted at 10 o’clock on 22nd. Directed by the Chen Hong, deputy mayor Lin Yiyin and department head of Cultural Bureau Wang Zhicheng, they use the local ingredients and spices … Read More

Free shuttle buses for traveling into the tribes in Hualian

You no longer need to worry about there is no channel for in-depth traveling. The 6 east coasts in Hualian has connected together this time, launching 13 in-depth trip plans. Yesterday, Hualian county government even offer the free shuttle buses plan to make the trip plans more attractive. One or two person will be sufficient … Read More

Taipei Marathon – All you need to know about upcoming marathons

Winter Marathon in Taipei! The label of Taipei seems always to be artistic, fresh, and relaxed. But this winter, Taipei will get warmed up, taking off the coat of quiet and relax. It will start a young and passionate journey of running. Taipei Marathon, On December 18th, go to Taipei. You can see everything here. … Read More