Visiting the Old Houses in Qingtian 76

The Qingtian 76 located in the Qingtian Street of Taipei has attracted many visitors, because of the free street guide, the delicious food, and the featured Japanese styled old houses with over 80 years of history. Here, you can feel the quiet and retro atmosphere in a busy Taipei. The name of Qingtian 76 comes … Read More

Japanese Styled Tea Houses in Taipei

Zuo Zuo (Have a seat) Café The Zuo Zuo Café located in the Zhongshan Metro Station Business District. Just as the name has suggested, the store has a friendly atmosphere that welcomes the guest. The Thousand Layers of Green Tea Cake, made from the green tea powder from Koyamaen and Ippodo. The green tea flavored … Read More

Social Media Weighs in On Taipei Travel Hot Spots

Travel is actually easy: find a sunny weekend, change something light, take your backpack, and start going. Because the accommodation and the food are really convenient, you can go anywhere you like. Take a pretty picture and post it on Facebook and Instagram, gaining more followers, are not bad too. Popular Instagram, Facebook, the picture … Read More

Sichuan Noodles Found Near Taipei’s Gongguan Area

As a native Beijing, Maoli is like many students from mainland China, the thing we miss in China is the authentic pepper. Why is the pepper in Taiwan is sweet? It makes Maoli feel desperate because there is no spicy food here. Every time I went home for vacation, I have to bring a lot … Read More

Stinky Tofu Listed as the Top Food in Taipei’s Night Markets

In the night market of Taipei, a crispy stinky tofu with stinky smell from the outside to inside, if you eat with the kimchi made from pickled cabbage, and then pour with garlic sauce or soy sauce, sesame sauce, or spicy sauce, you will have a mouth full of crispy, sweet and sour taste, which … Read More

Popular Biking Trails in Taiwan – Review from Locals

The biking trails in Taiwan has been selected as the pretties biking trail in the world many times. Daily View – Internet Thermometer, using Keypo Big data search engineer, has gathered the ranking list of the “popular biking trails”. Let’s have a look at which trails have the most discussion and positive review. How about … Read More

Blind Tours” Gaining Popularity in Taipei

Summer vacation is here. Let’s plan a small trip with friends and families. The hardest part in traveling is the planning phase. Eslite bookstore worked with the newly emerged traveling platform – Blind Tour, combining the frequent searched key word – stationary and tour, creating 3 styled one day tour in Taipei: writing, collection, picture. … Read More

Taoyuan Lotus Season – Where to See Lotus Flowers in Taiwan

Taoyuan Guanyin has planted many lotus flowers. In the summer, each lotus flower is in full bloom, waving with the wind and becoming the famous spot in Hualian. Tourists can arrange the trip to see the lotus flowers in Hualian. Besides the 2017 lotus flower seasons in Hualian, you can visit the local lotus flowers … Read More

Where to East in Taoyuan – Popular Restaurants and Cafes

Shang Café The hot and steamy Ujien green tea cake just served on the table. The dense and moist cake is good in quantity, with the green tea sauce from the Japanese Ujien, gives you a little bit bitterness instead of overly sweet taste. Last, put the green tea ice cream as decoration is just … Read More

Things to Do in Danshui – Where to Sight See in Tamsui

On the hottest summer day, people cannot stop sweeting outside. Outing is too hot, then just go to see the sunset! The sunset in Danshui (Tamsui) is many people’s romantic spot in Taipei. However, there is more than sunset in Tamsui. In the end of the old street, there are three monuments standing under the … Read More