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Exhibition for Female Friendly Hotels in Taiwan Kicks Off

The tourism bureau has launched “Light travel accommodation for HER”, emphasizing the high quality accommodation with high price performance ratio. The bureau has worked with 418 legitimate hotels to promote discount event of “Accommodation passport”, offering 65% off, 500 yuan for student check-in and other super cheap plans. The Tourism Bureau expressed that “Safety is … Read More

Old alley turns into time corridor, with tours trending now

The county’s chief, Zen Xiumei, of Miaomeili, Zhonghe, has renovated the old alley, turning the fifty meters’ wall inside the 181 alley of Zhongshan road into a time corridor through the 3D color painting. The wall has recorded the local history, connecting the themes of “Cherry Boulevard”, “Bridges running over creek”, “Small Trail in the … Read More

Monuments day – free entrance, 61 places open today in Taipei City

The third Saturday and Sunday of each September is the national Monuments day. The Taipei City Archives has launched “Open door of historical sites” activity yesterday and today. There will be 61 historical sites and museum open to the public for free. However, because of the Typhoon Malakas, yesterday’s activity was canceled. Only today is … Read More

Taipei Weekend Tour – Guide to Short Tours in Taipei

Fun Hand Made Museum We get in contact with paper every day, but do you know how is paper made? The paper museum can tell you. Here is paper making, and DIY activity of book. After this, you can visit the mini museum of the collection of many tiny art works. Today has arranged many … Read More

National Geographic recommends 72 hours’ tour in Taipei

Recently, Taiwan has spare every effort in promoting its tourism industry. The travel TV shows in the nearby counties, such as Japan, and South Korea, have chosen to shoot in Taiwan. Just a few days ago, the National Geographic magazine has recommended a tour called “72-hour Taipei Tour Guide”, visiting Taipei National Palace Museum, Chiang … Read More

Taiwan Eco-tour in Autumn 2016

The warm climate in Taiwan and the unique wetland ecology and complete conservation environment have attracted the black-faced spoonbill – the global endangered species – as their first choice of migration in the winter. Thousands of black-faced spoonbill will fly from North to South in the autumn to spend winter. Recently, the Ecological conservation organization … Read More

Pokemon Go continues its popularity in Taiwan

Pokemon Go has expanded its popularity to Taiwan, after America and Japan, especially in Beitou region in Taipei, creating a view of thousand people catching Pokemon. It is descripted by Time Magazine, Pokemon Go may have just shown us what the end of world looks like. How did the trend expand to Taiwan, let us … Read More

Restaurants with views in high-rise building fit for dating in Taipei

“Mega 50 dining and conference”: the last restaurant and the tallest buffet restaurant in the country “Café 50” has opened officially on August 25th. It located in the 50th floor, where you can have all the beautiful view of Taipei in the day and night. Besides the three restaurants in the Mega 50 dining and … Read More

Taipei Autumn Traveling Exhibition – limited edition of global Pokemon

The 2016 Taiwan International Tourism Exhibition will be held during August 26 to 29 in the No. 1 building of the Taipei World Trade Center. The exhibition is hosted by “Taipei Association of Travel Agents”. Ponta treats their members the best. You only need to download the official APP of Ponta and go to the … Read More

Throw the dice and choose your ride in Taipei

Do you want to try something different in the metropolis? The “I’m traveling” studio will hold the “iron horse monopoly” event in Taipei on September 4th. The game will use draw to choose the traveling companions. And the team member will have to take the Ubike to complete designated missions by throwing the dice. “I … Read More